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Dec 20

d2f0a4b8c32a7586e37f32c2a5a5008c Ashampoo HDD Control 3.00.50 Corporate Edition

Ashampoo HDD Control 3.00.50 Corporate Edition Multilingual

Hard disks are the long term memory of your PC. And just like your memory, they degrade over time. Fragmented file systems cause longer access times and mechanical wear and tear inevitably leads to data loss and drive failure. Nearly 10% of all hard disks already wear out in their third year of operation. Ashampoo HDD Control 3 jogs the memory of your PC. Lower access times, remove resource hogs, prevent data loss and detect signs of failure early on. 

More modern, versatile and efficient – experience the new Ashampoo HDD Control 3. The newly designed user interface provides more clarity and quick access to all features. The integrated history view allows you to reliably predict harmful events and the network feature displays the health status for the drives of your network PCs. 

Enhanced network function with HDD Control 3 Corporate
Running a network with more than 3 PCs? Monitor any number of PCs at home and at work with Ashampoo HDD 3 Corporate.

OS : Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 (32bit/64bit)
Language : Multilingual 

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Dec 20

a0ac1cc60b768116913a8aa270a09b10 Systweak Disk Speedup

Systweak Disk Speedup 3

Clean junk files, remove fragments from disk drives and improve your system performance by optimizing disk effectively with Disk Speedup!

Any computer hard drives commence its life with highly organized files which can be quickly accessed. After some time, when you add programs, games, files, or delete some of them; organized files becomes fragmented with some parts of a file stored here and other parts stored elsewhere on the disk. When it happens, your computer takes much more time in finding those files. As you keep on adding and removing files in your hard drive, fragmentation will continue to worsen.

Disk Speedup arranges fragmented files contiguously. It scans the entire disk to determine the fragmentation and effectively removes all the fragments from the hard disk. This helps to consolidate scattered data so it can be accessed quickly. Moreover, it creates more free space, which makes the system more effective and faster.

Disk Speedup offers an excellent solution to the problem of data fragmentation and boost System Performance.

Enhance your PC performance with Disk Speedup.

Defrag your hard drive quickly, easily and safely with Disk Speedup:
– An advanced defragmentation and a very user friendly.
– Removes disk fragments effectively.
– Improves data access response time.
– Reduces computer’s boot-up time.
– Defrag Disk quickly and safely.
– cleans junk files, temporary files
– Identifies and safely removes duplicate files

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Dec 20

f031e5c320e1b3de21a2bb996d34fba7 Total Commander v8.51a Final Extended 14.10 + Extended Lite

Total Commander Extended software is the all-in-one and is able to perform up to 90% of the daily tasks of the user. Total Commander Extended and programs included in it, save your settings in a folder with the program, so there will not need to configure them again, for example, after you reinstall Windows. Total Commander Extended does not change system file associations, and independently of them, always opens files stored program. Install or copy the folder is already installed Total Commander Extended to the stick – and your favorite program’s will always be with you. Do you want to see your name in the title TC? – So write it there!

The assembly Extended 14.10:
- Total Commander 8.51a (32/64) – the best file manager
- SoftMaker Office 2012 (rev694) – office suite with full support for Microsoft Office formats
- PotPlayer (1.6.49952) – media player with built-in codecs
- AIMP3 (v3.55.1355) – multifunctional audio center
- FastStone Image Viewer (v5.2) – viewing and editing image files
- SumatraPDF (3.1.9569) – viewing electronic documents
- Notepad ++ (v6.6.9) – text editor with syntax highlighting
- CCleaner (4.18.4844) – cleaning system
- Defraggler (2.18.945) – Defragmentation
- Recuva (1.51.1063) – Data Recovery
- BurnAware Free (v7.5) – recording discs
- Mozilla Firefox (v33.0) – Internet – does
- Download Master (v5.21.2.1407) – Download Manager
- UTorrent ( – BitTorrent – client
- AIDA64 Engineer (v4.70.3200) – comprehensive information about the system
- System Explorer (v5.9.4) – monitoring system
- Unlocker (v1.9.2) – Unlock and delete files and folders
- SynWrite (v6.11.1680) – text editor
- TCASwitcher (v1.1.4) – switching internal file associations
- F4Menu (v0.59) – the context menu by pressing F4
- IMPOMEZIA TC Color Presets ( – color schemes Total Commander

Plugins Total Commander:
- Android ADB 7.4 – access to the Android device via ADB
- AKFont 2.7 (32/64) – view fonts
- Catalog Maker 3.1.7 (32/64) – creates directories of files, folders, disks
- CopyTree (32/64) – copy files preserving the directory structure
- DecMaffWLX 2014.10.04 (32/64) – File Browser .maff
- DirSizeCalc 2.21 (32/64) – calculation of the size of the folders in the background
- DiskInternals Reader 1.9.3 (32/64) – access to any file systems
- Exif 2.3 (32/64) – view exif-data header
- FileInfo 2.21 (32/64) – view information about executable files / libraries
- HTMLView 1.2.6 (32/64) – view HTML-documents
- ICLView 23.9.2013 (32/64) – view icons in files through Lister
- Imagine 1.0.9 (32/64) – view and edit images
- IsDotNET 1.0.2 (32/64) – definition of libraries and modules dotNET Framework
- LinkInfo 1.52 (32/64) – view and edit files .lnk
- MhtUnPack 1.9.1 (32/64) – work with files .mht
- Mmedia 2.62 (32/64) – play multimedia files
- Permissions 1.11 (32/64) – view permissions for file / folder
- ProcFS 3.0 (32/64) – view and control processes
- RAR 5.11 (32/64) – Support for archives .rar
- Registry 5.2 (32/64) – Registry Editor
- Security Info 1.0 (32/64) – information about the owner of a file / directory
- Services2 0.4.2 (32/64) – view and manage system services
- ShellDetails 1.24 (32/64) – field mapping Windows Explorer
- SLister 1.1.2 (32/64) – File Browser .pdf, .djvu et al.
- SQLiteViewer 1.9.3 (32/64) – File Browser SQLite databases
- StartupGuard 0.5.2 (32) – Startup
- SWFView 1.3.9 (32/64) – File Browser .swf
- SynWrite (v6.11.1680) (32) – the text editor
- TCTorrent 2.0.2 (32/64) – view information about .torrent-files
- Total7zip (7-Zip 9.22) (32/64) – Support of formats archiver 7-zip
- ULister 4.0.0 (OIVT 8.5.0) (32/64) – view office documents using the Oracle Outside In Viewer Technology
- Uninstaller64 1.0.1 (32/64) – uninstall applications
- VisualDirSize 1.3 (32) – a graphical representation of the size of files / folders
- WebDAV 2.5 (32/64) – access to the web server via the WebDav protocol
- XPDFSearch 1.10 (32/64) – full-text search in pdf-files

Add-ons for Firefox:
- FlashGot – integration of download managers in Firefox
- UnMHT – Support Web archives .mht
- Shockwave Flash – support for flash-animation

Requirements – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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Dec 20

abc12d250e1bd944d9a09e1fef774598 Chris PC Game Booster 2.85

Chris-PC Game Booster is a an outstanding new product of Chris P.C. srl that will rocket your PC and get its full hardware potential. Many of us relax by reading books, listening to music and most of us by playing games. And yes, Chris-PC Game Booster is a software tool meant for those who want to get the utmost from their PC hardware in order to play their favorite games. Windows is built for generic usage and therefore has average to poor performance for specific programs like games that use intensively specific parts of the hardware.

Chris-PC Game Booster goes in action setting different Windows parameters in registry and configurations files in such a way that it allows faster access to RAM memory, CPU/GPU, storage disks and cache memory. Furthermore it tunes the Windows network parameters in such a way as to obtain the slim setup needed for an online gamer profile.

Chris-PC Game Booster has many key features like:

Improved graphical user experience in games without the need of upgrading to expensive new hardware (CPU/GPU/RAM): higher display frame rates, smoother graphics animations and better read/write access times to storage drives;
Better online multiplayer games experience, without network lags.
No game patching: Anti-cheat mechanisms of games will not treat Chris-PC Game Booster as a cheating software.
Restore option to previous Windows settings: Convenient for keeping compatibility with other programs that you use frequently.
Increases the speed of all internet connection types such as Cable, DSL, U-Verse, Fios and dial-up.
Advanced software based over-clocking feature which enhances memory speed, CPU prioritization of full screen applications and internet speed for games.
Optimizes your computer hardware with 1 click to allow games to run faster and increases the speed of your internet connection for faster downloads and speed.
Simple and intuitive interface.

OS : Windows XP, Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Language : English

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Dec 20

d0609d2f85865951b59926e00136ba37 onOne Perfect Photo Suite Premium Edition (Win/Mac)

onOne Perfect Photo Suite Premium Edition (Win/Mac) | 570/564 MB

Perfect Photo Suite 9 is up to two times faster than previous versions. We’ve done several speed tests for launching, switching modules, viewing RAW files, and applying presets. In all of our tests, Suite 9 outperformed every time. 

Your photos. Anywhere.
Our open system allows access to your photos no matter where they are stored—whether on your computer, network, or cloud-based storage service.

Includes Seven Powerful Apps
Browse, Layers, Enhance, Effects, Portrait, B&W, Resize

Perfect Eraser
Remove objects or erase distractions using content aware erase.

Quick Mask
Brush over an area to automatically create a great mask.

Perfect Brush
Brush your look on an area of your photo using edge detection.

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Dec 19

fed9932da16a04b75fa77bd29cac17c5 OS X Yosemite 10.10 (14A389) [Multi] (Installer)

OS X Yosemite 10.10 (14A389) [Multi] (Installer)

Publication Type: Installer
The release took place 2014
Build Number: (14A389)
Developer: Apple Inc.
Language: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian and others.
Treatment: not required (already treated)

System requirements:
• OS X 10.6.8 and higher
• 2 GB of memory
• Intel
• 8-15 GB of free disk space
• Some features require Apple ID; required to comply with the conditions.
• Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.

Supported models
iMac (mid-2007 model or newer);
MacBook (aluminum model of the end of 2008, beginning of 2009 model or newer);
MacBook Pro (model mid / late 2007 or newer);
Xserve (early 2009 model);
MacBook Air (late 2008 model or newer);
Mac mini (early 2009 model or newer);
Mac Pro (early 2008 model or newer).

Yosemite is the second version of OS X since its reboot last year, when Apple switched from naming its annual OS X updates after big cats to places in California. It also neatly side-stepped the problem of where to go after 10.9 by avoiding the use of numbers altogether (although they do still exist in the geekier parts of the OS like System Information, where Yosemite is referred to as OS X 10.10).

So, what’s new? Quite a lot, actually, and nearly all of it in the name of greater consistency between OS X and iOS. That’s not to say that Apple is gradually merging the two operating systems – there’s no evidence at all that’s on the agenda. Nevertheless, several alterations and additions in Yosemite do tie OS X more closely with iOS 8.


7c04705405bae7c322df754388b70174 OS X Yosemite 10.10 (14A389) [Multi] (Installer)

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Dec 19

ee37f0a9a09fb57075f4405de7aa8382 Zdenka (Zdenka Podkapova) SiteRip

666d10111fe00891765ab9cc1b04457f Zdenka (Zdenka Podkapova) SiteRip

e8dbe221634437727a6c7b0e5dfba479 Zdenka (Zdenka Podkapova) SiteRip

63ec167fda2f82de466aa8c989654662 Zdenka (Zdenka Podkapova) SiteRip

07a915b9b34739cdcb7b1d84a6a4ef82 Zdenka (Zdenka Podkapova) SiteRip

Genre: erotic art
Number of photos: 1906 photos, 48 sets + 2800 photos 78 sets
Resolution: 1600×2400, 1280×853, 512×768 pixels
Number of videos: 17 (DVDRip)

Date of Birth 6 August 1977, Brno, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic]
Birth Name: Zdenka Podkapova
Height: 5 ‘6 (1.68 m)

Busty, slender, and gorgeous blonde bombshell Zdenka Podkapova was born on August 6, 1977 in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Her brother is a fireman. Zdenka was a professional gymnast for ten years; she was on the Czech national team for five years and was the Czech national champion for four years. Podkapova studied economics in school. She was discovered by a scout while out running and did her first modeling photo shoot in 1996. Zdenka first contacted Penthouse in 1998; she was eventually chosen as the Pet of the Month in the April, 1999 issue of the famous men’s magazine and was named Pet of the Year in 2001. Among the numerous publications Podkapova has graced the covers of and / or posed for pictorials in are Maxim, Stuff, FHM, Perfect 10, Ironman, Nuts, QUO, Gallery, Perfection, and Esquire. Moreover, Zdenka has not only worked as a model for both the latex fashion label Atsuko Kudo and the lingerie label Shirley of Hollywood, but has also appeared in a couple of adult films for noted porn director Andrew Blake. She lives in London, Los Angeles, and her old hometown of Brno.

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Dec 19

230fac92814349b1d99da4d64ec14474 VA   New York Chill House Suite

VA – New York Chill House Suite
 Label: Beat Boutique
Genre: Chill House, Deep House
Duration: 1:58:08
Codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kb / s
Bit Rate Type: CBR


01. Peter Seymour – Baker Street – Ritchie & Guy Nyc Instrumental (04:03)
02. Benny Santiago – Get Into the Groove – Vinyl Addict Mix (04:19)
03. Juliette Lane – Better Off Alone – Tiffany’s Remix (04:01)
04. J Sanders – You and I (04:16)
05. Skydiver – Still Dre – Ricky Romero Deep Mix (07:01)
06. Dream Chaser – Free Yourself – Westway Glamour Mix (04:59)
07. Daniel McQueen – Manhattan Penthouse – Kiss & Fly Remix (05:02)
08. Nicole Aniston – Love Luxury (05:07)
09. Chill Loungers – Sunny – Marquee Exclusive Remix (04:04)
10. United Colors of House – Found Love – Ash & Grey Instrumental (04:28)
11. Chic Lounge – Pretty Face (03:47)
12. Friends with Benefits – Love, Life, Lust, Laughter – Da Funk Re-Edit (05:01)
13. Cielo – In the Backseat of a Limousine – Lord & Taylor Remix (03:50)
14. Jeremy Scott, Debby Lopez – I Want You – In My Bed (04:16)
15. Brett Sinclair – Flash – Beachfreaks Psychedelic Mix (05:31)
16. Double Seven, Stephanie Lexington – Celebrities Glamour (04:02)
17. Mystique – Cantina Band – House Addict Remix (05:04)
18. Chromium – Flawless – Sonus Faber Lounge Mix (05:34)
19. Chris Van Gogh – Fifth Avenue (05:55)
20. Ultraviolet – Skyline – Video Edit (03:50)
21. Limelight – Plastic Dreams – Cocomotion Bar Grooves Mix (06:14)
22. Aquavana – Chill House & the City – Le Baron Extended (05:12)
23. Mercer & Gissal – My Friend – Liquid Lounge Mix (04:33)
24. Amnesia – Fringe Theme – Electro Chill Mix (03:16)
25. Adonis, Chloq – Rooftop Lounge (04:31)

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Dec 18

22001262d5acd82718557212435aba57 jv16 PowerTools 2014 Multilingu

jv16 PowerTools is the ultimate Windows optimization and tuneup utility suite. The bottom line is that it keeps your computer running smooth and fast and greatly improves its overall stability. The program allows users to remove hidden traces of previously uninstalled software, to clean the Windows registry for optimal performance and stability, and to fix many registry-based problems with a single mouse click. The highly improved multilingual user interface allows the software to be used in all major languages, while automatic backup and safety features make the program very safe to use.

jv16 PowerTools is a full Windows optimization utility suite containing 27 different main tools. Each of these tools is carefully crafted with the experience of 10 years of extensive Windows utility and registry cleaning experience to form a solid foundation to a smoother and faster system. jv16 PowerTools 2009 optimizes, repairs, and maintains Windows-based PCs making them running fast, safe, and free of problems.

Even the smallest details in the product have been designed with your ease of use in mind. The Windows Control Panel like user interface and the intuitive graphic tabs for example make the product easy to learn. And, the automatic backup creation makes it safe to use – even if you are learning by trying and make a mistake sometime, you can always just restore the backup created by the program and you’re safe again.

With jv16 PowerTools you can:
* Instantly make your Windows run faster and smoother, by disabling certain features which have no useful function and by modifying a few key aspects of the system’s behavior.
* Automatically clean your Windows registry from obsolete and unneeded data.
* Automatically fix many kinds of registry errors, such as broken file references.
* Easily uninstall leftover traces of software you have thought you have already uninstalled ages ago.
* Detect and remove unneeded history data and MRU (most recently used) lists that can contain sensitive information about you.
* Locate and delete unneeded files, including temp files and duplicate files.
* And much, much more!

Key features:
• Clean Windows registry
• Uninstall software
• Optimize Windows
• Improve your privacy
• Recover deleted files
• Safe to use – automatic backup feature
• Multilingual user interface

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Dec 18

b128cbcbd603ccf717cc066c4487ba63 Zenescope   Basaldua & Debalfo Cover Gallery
Zenescope – Basaldua & Debalfo Cover Gallery
English | 42 pages | CBR

Collecting the best Zenescope covers of the past several years from ultra-talented artists Eric Basaldua and Mike DeBalfo; both artists have made their mark on the industry with their iconic cover images. This oversized issue is a must have for any fan!

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Dec 18

33ec96eb58562b9eaa222b64a1f37d9f Tutsplus Marketplace Writing Modular JavaScript PRODEV

Tutsplus – Marketplace Writing Modular javascript-PRODEV
Genre: Video Training

When writing an entire web application in javascript, it s very important to have well-organized code; maintaining a spaghetti-coded project will only cause you headaches and nightmares. In this tutorial, I ll show you how to modularize your code to make it easier to manage large javascript projects.

I was inspired to write this tutorial after watching a presentation entitled Scalable javascript Application Architecture by Nicolas C. Zakas (available on the YUI Theater). We ll take the theoretical code that he showed in his slides and extend and customize it to create a robust javascript system that will make it incredibly easy to build web apps on top of.

We’ll start by defining our modules; then, we ll build a sandbox for them to interact with. We ll also need a core to handle the modules, and a base (a JS framework) that gives the core an equalized environment to work on. We ll build our first core on jQuery, and then build an alternate core on Dojo.

We’ll conclude this tutorial by discussing what the benefits and downsides of using such an architecture for javascript are.

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Dec 18

7e1185158a59607a7e47549b31976345 Windows 8 Secrets

Windows 8 Secrets
English | 633 pages | PDF

Microsoft is introducing a major new release of its Windows operating system, Windows 8, and what better way for you to learn all the ins and outs than from two internationally recognized Windows experts and Microsoft insiders, authors Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera? They cut through the hype to get at useful information you’ll not find anywhere else, including what role this new OS plays in a mobile and tablet world. Regardless of your level of knowledge, you’ll discover little-known facts about how things work, what’s new and different, and how you can modify Windows 8 to meet what you need.

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Dec 18

492e0094bea8de963d634c9990f97079 SUU Design Video Thumbnails Maker Platinum Multilangual

SUU Design Video Thumbnails Maker 6.x Platinum

Video Thumbnails Maker allows you to make thumbnails (caps, previews, screen-lists) and screenshots of video files. The utility can be used for home-video cataloging and for network video sharing support. Video Thumbnails Maker is coming with its own Viewer! The main advantage of the Viewer is the ability to start the related video-file right from the Viewer!

- Supports of the batch processing of videofiles.
- Supports of practically any videos-formats (even MOV, QT, FLV, SWF, RM if you have appropriate codecs). If the file can be normally played in your video-player (Windows Media Player or BSPlayer), it can be processed by the program.
- You can pause/continue or stop active job at any moment.
- Possibility to save each shot in separate file.
- Import and export options presets.
- Options preset file format (*.vtm). After you run the preset, the program is automatically opened with the imported tuning. Very useful.
- 5 interface languages (English, Belarusian, Russian, Ukranian, German).
- 5 customizable “base”-presets.
- Statistics of the progress of the program (F1 window).
- If you support the project, you can receive an email stating the amount you have donated, and a special activation key for the program. The key allows you to personalize the program, and depending on the amount you donated you will receive special status (silver, gold, platinum).
- Watermarks (alpha-channels and transparency are supported). Make your own style.
- Ability to use your images as background images for preview.
- Autoadjustment of height of a shot option.
- Global stroke and stroke tiles options.
- Fit screen option (autoadjustment of the shots to fit your screen resolution).
- Special effects (drop shadow, gray scale, cut edges).
- Customizable fonts, colors, contours, shadows, frames, background, text.
- Stamp time in shots option (5 different locations, transparency, contour).
- Video information stamp option (4 different locations and customizable configurations).
- “Audio/Video info” option.
- “Custom comment” option.
- Two rendering engines (Engine 2 is recommended to be used under 64-bit OS).
- “Try to substitute black frames” option.
- The program´s small size.
- Hot keys.

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Dec 18

bcb1df5a2a0aea4e102d39689c114377 Vampires vs Zombies  F4cG

Control vampire forces to fight back a zombie invasion in Vampires vs. Zombies, a zany time management adventure from the publisher of Farm Frenzy! As drooling zombies descend on Transylvania in the hopes of munching on vampire brains, you must rally the forces of darkness to create the weapons you’ll need to repel the attack. The stakes will be high as you harvest goods, sell them and use your profits to produce implements of battle, but the Count believes in you!

You’ll long for a dirt nap as you purchase and equip soldiers to protect your workers against zombies that drop out of the sky. You’ll be on the edge of your coffin as you race to build and upgrade a variety of production facilities. And you’ll laugh all the way to the blood bank as you litter the battlefield with zombie innards and then spend the stars you earn on ghoulish inventions that will make life difficult for the enemy hordes.

To experience challenging time management action, exciting arcade levels and a sidesplitting story, sink your teeth into Vampires vs. Zombies, the only casual sim with bite!

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Dec 18

481c58f23eb975716fff42128fe1c61c TopoLT

OS : Windows: XP/Vista/ 7 / 8 / 8.1
Language : English

TopoLT is an application offering tools for 2D and 3D aplications and functionalities useful for all those who design topographical or cadastral plans in digital format, who develop 3D terrain models and contours, fill and cut volumes calculation, raster image georeferencing and automatic printing. The author of TopoLT is 3D Space, a company with rich experience in geodetic projects and software design. TopoLT is an indispensable tool for topography and cadaster, meeting all the requirements of the field and office work. The program is available in multiple languages and can be translated in any language by the user, and the functions can be configured for a wide range of situations.

TopoLT is running on AutoCAD or other CAD platforms (IntelliCAD), using the drawing functions of AutoCAD and adding specific functions necessary to create topographical and cadastral plans in digital format.

Main features of TopoLT:

draws directly points from coordinate files, draws coordinates from total station or sends coordinates from drawing directly to total station;
point labels can be optimized so that there would be no overlapping between them or with the other entities placed near the point;
point codes are translated according to a codes interpretation file defined by the user;
points can be graphically drawn with or without elevations, elevations can be also obtained through interpolation;
points can be automatically introduced for entities (lines, polylines, arcs, etc.) which don’t have points at margins;
coordinates of sightshot points (polar points) can be calculated including the possibility to import measurements from the majority of existing total stations;
measurements can be received from an instrument through serial port;
points can be selected based on code and point codes can be modified;
point coordinates can be extracted from drawing and saved in different formats, including formats defined at instruments (total stations) or in formats defined by user;
coordinates tables for selected points can be created, including a separate table for station points;
3D model of the terrain and contour lines can be generated, volumes can be calculated without any restrictions (the volume obtained by intersecting a 3D surface with a plane or the volume between two 3D surfaces of any grid form or triangles);

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